Friday, August 15, 2008

We Want to Hear From You!

By Jared Harward
You too can have your thoughts heard and published as part of the process work we’re doing. You can use any of the following ways to be heard:
  1. Email us –
  2. “Navigate” to our blog –

      • Add comments by clicking on the comments link below the article you want to address.

      • Enter your comment in the box and then select the radio button that says “Name/URL” (see the picture below!).

      • You don’t need to worry about entering anything in the URL field, but we do want to know by whom the comments are being made. Please add your name to your comments.

  3. Directly contact any of the team members
    • Elaine Lauritzen 422-1232
    • Jared Harward 422-8852
    • Valinda Rose 422-1494
    • Sorrel Jakins 422-7128
    • Vince Rackliffe 420-1746
    We will take selected comments and place them in future newsletters as comments to the editor. Everyone has the opportunity to voice his or her opinion. Your input is important to us. If your comments are selected to be placed in a newsletter, you will be rewarded!! How cool is that? 

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