Thursday, July 9, 2009

Incident Management Training

Now that you’ve had your intro to the newly updated Incident Management Process with the first round of training, it’s now time to learn how to really make it work. Using feedback from the training and day-to-day experience, we’ve built a ‘hands-on’ training session that will really help you get focused on some key points of the new process. We’ll learn more about and work on using the Accountability Model, Collaboration, and Major Incident Coordination. We also think that mixing together the various groups attending the training will enhance our ability to understand each other and work together better. Because this is a hands-on activity, class sizes are limited to ensure everyone has a good chance to participate and learn. To do this, we need the following for each session:
• 2 people from ESPM, Leadership Council, or Account Management
• 6 people from Development
• 16 people from Production Services

It is vital that each person in OIT is an expert at knowing and executing our Incident Management process. Unless your Supervisor specifically asks you not to attend this training, please sign up and attend one of the scheduled sessions.

Sessions are scheduled as follows:
• Fridays 10-Noon, 7/10 thru 8/28
• Tuesdays 8-10, 7/14 thru 9/1
• Tuesdays 1:30-3:30, 7/14 thru 9/1
• Every other Wed 2-4, 7/15 thru 8/26

All sessions are in MB270/276

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