Thursday, August 20, 2009

Adding the WOW to Process Improvement

We've all likely heard by now of the WOW principle - championed by the Arbringer Institute ("The Anatomy of Peace"), and with it of our duty (or should I say opportunity?) to WOW everyone with whom we work. At OIT we're in a unique position at BYU to assist people from every corner of campus, to affect their view of our organization, which, in turn, affects their opinion of BYU itself.

With the Process Improvement efforts, we're trying to take efficiency and visibility to a whole new level. It has nothing to do with bowing our heads and submitting to a Process - it's all about WOWing our customers, managers, employees, and co-workers - because with these new Processes we can get a lot more done in less time. That means happier bosses, happier students, happier vendors - happier everyone!

Let's really try to apply these Processes with feeling, not just because our boss expects us to. Let's WOW this University.

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