Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Process Oriented Office of IT

By the OIT Leadership Council
You may remember our last OIT all-hands meeting and the primary topic for the meeting—process. Kelly McDonald clearly stated that becoming a process-oriented organization is a key priority and Kelly Flanagan gave a good example of how this effort is similar to us living the standards and commandments we have been given. He noted that doing so is seen as constrictive by some who don’t understand, but in reality it turns out that doing so blesses our lives and frees us from the negative consequences when guidelines aren’t followed. In alignment with this effort, the OIT Leadership Council has directed that an OIT Process Management team be formed to facilitate this work.

The OIT Process Management team is chartered to develop and implement a process management methodology for the Office of IT, including standards, templates, approval and communication channels, and making all processes available to all employees. This is especially focused on processes that have cross-functional team or enterprise level impact. This team is also charged with preparing and managing the process road map for OIT. The team will work with other focused process teams throughout OIT to facilitate and assist them in doing process work.
The first process this team is addressing is Process Innovation Management. The goal of Process Innovation Management is to enhance alignment between business and IT by providing standardized means of achieving process control and maturity.
Expected benefits:
  • Efficiency
  • Visibility and Clarity
  • Accountability
  • Predictable results
  • Common terminology
  • Consistent IT Service quality
  • Improved customer satisfaction
The team members have been asked to represent all areas of OIT, not just the area in which they work. Team members are:
  • Elaine Lauritzen 422-1232
  • Jared Harward 422-8852
  • Valinda Rose 422-1494
  • Sorrel Jakins 422-7128
Nearly everyone in OIT will be called to help at various times in this effort. Please give your support and input in this effort.
Look for more information and updates from the team as the work progresses!

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