Friday, June 20, 2008

First Teaser

So everyone got their 'teaser' candy card yesterday. It seems to have had the effect we were hoping for. A lot of people are wondering what it is for and what it means. The message was way vague "Scan the Horizon". This is great!!! We want everyone curious and interested.

The first newsletter is printing as we speak and will come out either today or Monday. All of the articles from that newsletter are the first entries in this blog. We're really focusing on finding lots of good interactive ways for everyone to participate in this effort.

The first process we're working on, Process Innovation Management (PIM) is coming along really nicely and we plan to have something to start showing everyone at the end of June, first of July. We're getting pretty excited to pilot the first few processes through their formal PIM review in July.

Lots of good stuff happening!!!

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